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Dear all,we just cross 200 active members.Now you can purchase ad credits with paypal directly from site.Also you can purchase with perfect money manually .You just send money to U9364489 (if you need...Read more Read More


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How do i benefit from joining?

You get a simple,easy to use website managed by a paid to click user who has been used,and abused by many ptc gurus over the years, and is sick of the B.S. and lies.

ADMIN has made it super easy to navigate and user friendly.

members only forum where just members, not outsiders can use.

Built for simple EARNINGS and site stability, as most sites promise unrealistic money and lie with no intention of being n business long term.

Look at your earnings if you upgrade! ITS amazing and the upgrade is so reasonable cost, that everyone can afford it, meaning you have an easier time promoting it!

After all, who cant afford $5.00 ???and who doesn't want to earn 50% from their efforts???


referrals upgrades
referrals purchases
viewing ads
reading emails.
signing up to programs.
playing clix grid for cash rewards!
Contests, weekly and monthly!

So you benefit from all this, and knowing your referrals will to, means more earning for you!

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