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Dear all,we just cross 200 active members.Now you can purchase ad credits with paypal directly from site.Also you can purchase with perfect money manually .You just send money to U9364489 (if you need...Read more Read More


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how 30 sec 1 cent ads benefit me?

As an advertiser you want your ad seen correct?

Do you like clicking on penny ads? Of course you do, who doesn't. those are the best kind of ads. People love them!

THATS why you get HUGE value for your advertising dollar here. We offer you the ability to get 1,000 views at 1 cent each to the member at 30 seconds long!! viewed by happy ,eager members.

Members are going to want to view your penny ads and you get your business opportunity seen by some one who wants to see what you are offering, and they have to view it for 30 seconds!

of course we offer lower cost ads for every budget , just think about the kind of ads you would rather click on, when you purchase advertising.

After all, other sites are charging far more for ads only lasting a few seconds, and not even close to this many views.

we want you to be happy with the value we offer, and knowing your ads are seen by outside views as well as members is a very good thing.

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